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Immortalize your loved one with a handmade portrait.  Pastel or watercolor and pen will be used to create a remarkable likeness to be hung on the family photo collection wall.

Customized Human Portrait

  • Immediately upon your request, half of full amount is due via Paypal.  You will then email me or google-share your photos, or schedule a mini photo shoot.  I will ask a few preferences, such as favorite colors and personality traits of the subject you would like me to capture.  Partway through my development of the portrait, I will consult with you on accuracy and editing.  If at that time you are unsatisfied, you may choose to cancel the commission (half of the initial cost will be refunded, and the remainder may be credited towards a future commission of any type) or trust that I will make the necessary adjustments towards completion.  Portraits take 2 weeks to complete. Medium will be determined based on clarity of photo given.

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